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Entry #110

Meat Boy Plush!

2010-04-30 17:18:18 by Ultimato

I just bought a Meat Boy Plush. Happy Pico Day to all!


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2010-04-30 20:35:21

fuck your self cock sucker im not 7 i drew those pics when i waz 5 i spell wrong cuz its the mother fucking internet ok you whore you mother fucking bitch

Ultimato responds:

Awwwwww. Is the baby gonna cry? Are you wearing your diapers?


2010-04-30 21:33:15

i dont hate you you started this duh! and nice meat boy plush i love him. now i dont wanna fight with you, you just started it i mean really i never did anything to you. so to stop it im banning you and deleting your comments


2010-04-30 21:47:26

kool i love meat boy but uh hey lay off my friend kenny226 or ill find you kk

Ultimato responds:

LoL I like it how you have the same exact name just with a the in front of it.


2010-05-01 08:24:19

Alright assholes, stop spamming my account.


2010-05-01 08:49:20

cool you got the last well me and kenny226 made this one together and we were out of name ideas other mr.bitch227 or something like that